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  • What do I need to bring? The following list serves as a guide for specific items you may want to bring.​​​​​​​

    • Passport​ (For ages 15 and younger, remember to bring their birth certificate)

    • Outdoors Card

    • Fishing License

      • Highly suggest buying online and printing off multiple copies to keep with you

    • Fishing Gear​​

      • Rods, Reels, Tackle​

        • Walleye

        • Northern Pike

    • USD Payment for camp (cash or check, but cash is preferred)

    • Rain Gear

    • Tennis Shoes

    • Waterproof footwear (something more durable than tennis shoes)

    • Pocket Knife

    • Pliers

    • Gloves to handle fish (optional)

    • Boat Rags (to wipe hands off in boat)

    • Dry bag or container (to keep items dry when out on the boat)

    • Fish Stringer

    • Fish measuring tools (scale and/or board)

    • Filet Knife (electric outlets are available in fish cleaning facility)

    • Freezer bags (for filets)

    • Small cooler for boat (these are available for use, if you want to lighten your load)

    • Sunglasses

    • Hat

    • Sunscreen

    • Chapstick

    • Toiletries

    • Basic First Aid

    • Personal Medications

    • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, and other personal items

    • Bug spray

    • Range of clothes for various weather and duration of stay

      • Shirts/Pants/Jeans/shorts

      • Hoodie/sweatshirt/jacket

    • Groceries/Food

    • Drinking water or the water in camp can be boiled for 10 minutes prior to consumption.

    • Beer, Wine, or Liquor (if you choose)- Limited amount can cross border

      • Do not bring glass beer bottles - Thank you!

    • Salt, Pepper, dish soap, paper towels, paper plates, and plastic cutlery for shore lunch

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